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I’m what you need

I’m what you need


I knew from the very first time I laid eyes on you
That you were made just for me .
I knew you had been through a lot because through your eyes I could easily see.

You’ve been looking for a way to fill the void in your heart. Im just the right thing, I’m the person for the part.

Like you my love, I’ve been hurt so many times before, but give me a chance before you close your hearts door.

Yes it’s hard to trust again since you’ve been let down, but baby I plan to stick it out and always be around.

You see I’ve been watching you and taking careful notes. I can assure you my love, this thing is no joke. I know what you want and I’ve got what you need. Give me this chance and you will be well pleased. Baby, I’m what you need!

Damn right I’m what you need
And I’ve got what you want
and if you Put your trust in me you’ll soon get the point.
I won’t let you down, I’ll always hold you up.
If you give me this chance there will be no if, ands or buts.
Let me prove my love for you. Let my love do what it do. So we can start seeing our dreams of love finally come true.

Living without you hurts my heart so bad. I drown in my tears and walk around sad.
That’s too many tears for one heart to feel, when my love for you is ever so real.

You thought you found true love, but you were deceived,
And when you needed real love from him, you didn’t receive.
You gave your all, but your all wasn’t good enough for he, that’s why I know I’m what you want and your all is good enough for me.

I’m what you need. Yes my love, I’m what you need.

Give me the chance to prove my love
I’ll never let you down. My only goal in life, to make you the happiest girl in town.

Because I’m what you need and you’re what I need. Lets take a chance, to be all we can be.


The Hopeless Romantic

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