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Kissing is often considered the in road to sex and as soon as things start heating up, kissing usually falls by the wayside. Many people think that sex is so full of pleasure on its own, that kissing isn’t important. Kissing to me is probably the most exciting and sensual act between two people. When there is passion, chemistry, mental and physical connection a kiss can be more intimate than sex. There are tons of nerve endings in your lips that stimulate desire so doing it before, during, and after intercourse can be extremely arousing and satisfying.

Recently, I asked the question, “Should a passionate kiss be done with eyes opened or closed?” I found many men answered closed while women suggested initially eyes closed but every now and then, stopping to look them in their eyes with a smoldering glance, then back to closed can be quite a sexy and intense experience. However, both men and women agree that when you are completely engaged with another’s lips, with both bodies and minds connecting you have the potential to create a moment that’s way more intense than a few mere thrust of hips.

I prefer the passionate kiss with my eyes closed but I do suddenly stop to look him in his eyes and once we connect then I go back to it. I have talked to many men and I find that they love when a woman uses her hands. Men love when a woman wraps her arms around his neck, rubs her fingers through their hair or rub their bald heads. One friend said he loves a woman to caress his lower back when standing or caress his chest if they’re lying down. Touching a man’s face, caressing the back of his head, pulling him closer are things that women do to make it unforgettable. Don’t be afraid to get a little kinky as well. For a kiss to be truly great, there has to be both a physical and a mental connection between both parties. Great kisses start with conversation. From the intonation of phrases uttered and the innuendo of words spoken to the restrained desire in the eyes. A decision to kiss you is determined way before we come face to face.

Kissing is not to be done with everyone so choose wisely. Your response depends on your mental and emotional state as well as how you feel about the person who is kissing you.  Even the most confident person may feel unsure about their kissing skills so the perfect kiss cannot be planned. In my opinion men should initiate first kiss. Don’t forget to use your hands, open your mouth, make sure your mouth is fresh, use lip balm to make your lips appealing, and please get a little kinky. If you get out of your head a kiss can give you the ultimate pleasure.

~Queen Regina

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