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Live in your Truth

Live in your Truth

We tend to get caught up in this social media stuff and lose ourselves. Looking at images of people all day.  Clicking Like.  But then those Likes turn into “Wow I want to look like Her/Him” or “Look at their body, I want that.” “Look at their relationship. I wish I had that” and “OMG #GOALS!”  You start letting these images you see every day dictate your lives and your future.  You wake up and you don’t even thank God.  Your first thought is, “let me grab my phone and let’s see what the “tea” is on Facebook and Instagram.”  We get caught up in this mess. We end up giving praise to people we don’t even know.  We think so highly of these entertainers but don’t even support our own people.  Let alone ourselves.  How could you put these people on these pedestals and think less of your own self daily?  Speaking words like “I could never be where they are.”  “I could never do what they do” or “I’m good but they’re better than me.”  Why not put just as much faith as you do into others and instill that into your own life.  Because YOU ARE GOOD! YOU ARE GREAT! YOU CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE! I used to think like that. Yes, Me! I always thought I was good, but I never knew I was great. I was caught up in this stuff.  In my own little sunken place, Lost!

People ask me “Why don’t you post anymore?” It’s not because I don’t want to. It’s just that I know my purpose is bigger than Fitness. I was holding myself back. I can’t continue to do that anymore. I got rid of old friendships because I realized that I can’t be cool with people who compete with me, who are negative, who are always angry, aggressive, playing the victim role and you always seem to be there listening to that nonsense. Having this type of energy around you is draining.  It doesn’t make you happy.  It doesn’t serve you or move you to be better.  I’m good! The fakes, the phonies, the wannabe’s. I’m Good!  I started manifesting my destiny.  Praying, meditating and speaking positive affirmations into my life daily.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned it’s not about the “Look” anymore, it’s all about the “Feel”. Energy is Real. Life gets 100% better when you step away from things that don’t promote growth. I am Nic and I am living in my truth! #Icanyoucanwecan #NicB

~ Queen Nic

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