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Queens Protect their Kings

Queens Protect their Kings

Many women want a well put together brother when they themselves are not. My business partner says, “A mature man eventually stops looking on the outside of a woman and starts looking on the inside to see what value is added”.  I always hear from men that sadly there is little value in SOME women because they only focus on what a man can do for them financially and sexually.  Never on helping to build on their vision or build together. What some women don’t understand is that a man with a vision is a very complex individual because he has to fight the negativity from society and the struggles of growing his dream. It takes a real put together sister, a Queen to be a part of such a mans vision. A queen should be a support system, a help, a sense of peace when things become chaotic. Queens should create an atmosphere of ease for their King to operate in.

Queens protect their Kings, by any means! But before this occurs a Queen should have a good sense of where she is in life and where she’s going vision wise before connecting to a King. Also, Queens have added value. Don’t be so shallow and get so caught up in what a man can do for you financially and sexually that you miss the bigger picture. There are so many other components that makes a man a well put together man, a King. Understanding this is key because if you don’t it could interrupt a King’s flow of pursuing his vision. It is smarter to understand your vision before connecting to someone else’s because it may not be the right fit for your life.  Be cautious, be patient but when you find your King, protecting them will become second nature.

~ Queen Regina & Queen Kiara


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