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Searching for Purpose

Searching for Purpose

A lot of times we are searching for Purpose.  We look for the class, the skill, the talent, the thing that will get us to the “purpose.”  But when I read this morning, I kept hearing that “if and when” we focus and “feast” on the spiritual aspect first…the rest will handle itself and show up in a multitude of ways.  So instead of reaching for the tangible initially, go inside and reach for the deeper meaning of why you are here.

I am here to inspire. I do so through many mediums. But they all align with that main purpose.  If I get caught up in the “how” part, I would be searching for the course, the look, the exact song, the exact map.  BUT knowing that my purpose is inspiration, as I live life second by second I can make choices that align with inspiring others.   The way the Holy Spirit is set up…when you align, you begin to see what TO do and what NOT to do!

As long as you take action in alignment with your purpose, even if your first step isn’t “that thing” it always leads you to the next step. It always teaches you. It’s never a failure or the end!!  This life is a marathon not a sprint!  We can’t google download our purpose or look at our neighbor and copy their version.

You have to search your heart, your life’s experiences, find the lessons, apply the knowledge, get wisdom, take action…and repeat.  Along your journey, be sure to share what you learn. Bless those around you. Teach. Learn. Teach. Learn.  It stops when you leave this earth!

A lot of you are preparing so much for how you will be once you get to where you are going, that the people around you haven’t been able to be blessed with that special thing you have.  It’s important to share your gifts with others and show that you’re relatable.  Don’t focus so much on your future that you miss out on being in the moment and being present.  Let’s get into our spirit and search our hearts.  Who can you bless today as you take action, get started, and live your life out loud?  Doing so allows others to give themselves permission to do the same!!

~ Queen Keisha

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