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The process still works

The process still works

Kings and Queens, please tell me that I’m wrong!

I want to be wrong when I say my generation was the last to engage in the process of conversation, building a friendship and courting (aka dating….for my young readers lol)  before a relationship. One of my male friends says, “They don’t make Kings and Queens like us anymore”.  I responded with, “Don’t make me sad because if that’s true I’m going to be single for the rest of my life!”.

I remember meeting someone and giving them my number. They would call me, not text. The sound of their voice and the depth of their words stimulated my mind with conversation creating a genuine interest for a deeper connection. We talked until the sun came up or fell asleep with the phone in our hands. Those were the days! (Sigh)  I believe social media plays a big role in the deterioration of conversation and communication skills that led to the lack thereof in relationships. Now many are satisfied with instant gratification and microwave encounters.

This Queen has hope and the patience to wait for a King that will bring his A game as far as deep conversation, a passion for life, a carefree attitude and yes chivalry and romance. Relationships without friendship as a foundation is like a house built on sand, it will sink slowly and lose the value of your investment.

Lets get back to love! You know my thoughts, learn my heart, become one with my soul! Talk your way into my existence and work your way into my life.

~ Queen Regina

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