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The Queen

The Queen

In my opinion all women are Queens, most are just unaware because no one has told them that they are. There are two types of Queens, the conscious Queen and the unconscious Queen.  The difference between a conscious Queen and an unconscious Queen is that a conscious Queen is intentional while an unconscious Queen is reactional, meaning she reacts to whatever life throws at her and makes adjustments along the way.  A conscious Queen excels to the top intentionally because she has carefully thought out her plans and moves, to avoid as many mistakes along the way as possible.

When I think of a Queen, I think of power and position like in the game of chess.  I see a quintessential woman with ultimate presence and excellent character. If you want a visual depiction of the ultimate woman as God intended, the Queen represents the quintessential woman. She is the woman all other women are measured by. She represents the perfect example of class and quality, the perfect example of womanhood and femininity.  Femininity is shown through a woman’s behavior. Femininity is not just reflected through the way a woman dresses but also through her mannerism, and the way she carries herself.  She walks into a room and there’s something about her demeanor and her aura that dominates the space she’s in. She doesn’t have to say one word.  She doesn’t have to be overtly sexual.  She’s not bourgeois, stuck up, or arrogant. She exudes confidence, yet she’s humble. A quintessential woman understands who she is, knows her worth and her purpose and has a plan.  Every woman should aspire to be a quintessential woman.  A quintessential woman works on self and goes through the process to transition from an unconscious Queen to Conscious Queen.

A conscious Queen has excellent character and she won’t let anyone ruin that.  She is mindful of the moves she makes in life and will not sell herself out for any amount of money. She doesn’t put herself in certain situations because she understands that she is a model of excellent character and she avoids anything that will tarnish that. A conscious Queen sometimes, won’t even allow you to have access to or be privy to her personal failures because instead of dwelling on her shortcomings she focuses on her accomplishments.  She’s not going to allow herself to be seen in a certain light.  And if she does share her failures, she uses it as a teaching tool for others to learn from.

Conscious Queens are not weak little damsels in distress. They are strong women. They don’t depend on men for financial stability, they create it themselves. Queens know that Kings are searching for a woman with substance. They’re not looking for a woman to rescue. A woman looking to be rescued by a man does not know her worth and her potential—unconscious Queen, and she is not capable of being a helpmate. A conscious Queen is a warrior wife and a comparable helpmate that can assist a King in building an empire. A conscious Queen is not a side chick. She has higher standards than to be someone’s option.  As Queens we have the greatest gift than any man could have or want.  No, I am not talking about the “cookie,” but we have intuition which gives us the ability to see something immediately, without the need of conscious thinking. A conscious Queen leads by example. She is a leader but in regards to her positioning she understands that a man wants a woman to be a woman meaning support him, allow and trust that he will lead her in the right direction.

A conscious Queen has a no nonsense approach to life. She doesn’t have time for foolishness. She doesn’t sit around gossiping or holding grudges against people. She doesn’t surround herself with people who are not doing anything productive. She is all about productivity, taking care of business, her relationship with God, her happiness, her King, her children, her money, and building an empire. A conscious Queen takes her throne with grace, style, gratefulness and humility. She holds her head up and walks upright. She motivates and inspires others to be better. She has a clear vision for her life and puts a plan in place that will allow her to make strategic moves that will lead her to success.

~Queen Regina

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