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The Queen’s Role

The Queen’s Role



Life is like the game of chess. On the board the queen is the most powerful figure. She can move all over the board with ease but the king can not, he can only move 1 space at a time. He is therefore vulnerable. It is the queens job to protect him from all negative and dangerous moves (and people). The funny thing is if the queen is taken in the game, the game is not over but the kings chances of winning is slim.  However if the king is taken, then the game is over. So the queen does everything to keep him in the game. She realizes that his survivals insures hers. Essentially they need each other. She knows that if he survives she gets to rule the kingdom he provides her. Being the king is no cake walk either because every piece on the opponents board is there for one purpose, to destroy the king.  So the king must have a strong sense of himself at all times. He can’t make any selfish or dumb moves. The king and queen must think as one or it will become a bigger challenge for them to win. This also applies to both Kings and Queens in our everyday life. No man can make it far without a queen and no queen can truly win without a king. I don’t care how independent you are, we as humans were made to love and to be as one. Material things can bring temporary happiness but true happiness comes out of love. I saw a post once on Facebook that asked, “Which would you prefer the job of your life or the love of your life?” I was sad to see so many choosing job. Choosing love will give you passion, passion can grow your business, growing your business will result in happiness. Think bigger

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