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Whiter Teeth from Coconut Oil?

Whiter Teeth from Coconut Oil?

Ok Queens! It’s LaKeisha, here to tell you that I had a whole extravaganza while at a dental office lol. After talking to my neighbor about my experience, it eventually led to my neighbor hipping me to this thing called “oil pulling”. I had never heard of it, but they told me about it in hopes to stop the tooth pain I was having!

While that didn’t stop the tooth pain, I noticed 2 days later that my teeth were poppin! So white and natural looking. I was like OMG! So I began to research and it turns out that this is actually a technique people use for bad breath and teeth whitening along with lots of other things.

Needless to say, I am now in love with this technique. All I did was take a teaspoonful of raw coconut oil and put it in my mouth, swish it around for a few seconds and when time  is up, spit it out. Repeat 2-3 times a day.  WARNING you can’t talk, sing, etc. so I would recommend doing this while you shower or make coffee first thing in the morning.  It feels kind of weird but trust me in only 2 days I saw results!

Am I late? Did you already know about this? Hope to hear from you guys after you’ve tried this out…Comment below!

Cheers for now Queens

~ Queen Keisha

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