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About Regina

I am a Lifestyle, Love, relationship and personal development blogger

Hello! I’m Regina Renee Smith a Woman of God, a 50 year old mother of two adult children. Everyone has a story and here is part of mine. Starting over at 50 wasn’t easy. It took hard work, commitment and dedication to fight my way back after the murder of a son and a divorce after 23 years! Two major losses and boy did I grieve for both. I never thought I would be divorced but life happened. The last 4 years Ive used my single time to do work on myself.  I knew nothing but being a mother and a wife. Hell a mother at 18 and married at 30 that’s exactly who I thought I was. Life as I knew it was over and hard change was about to take place. I took the entire 4 years to do work on myself. I needed to heal from my past hurts and pain.


I thought nothing could be more painful than the loss of my son 10 years ago. He was murdered on Christmas Day! Yes the date we celebrate the birth of Christ I’m grieving my son’s death ! You talk about spiritual conflict. It took me 8 years of darkness , pain and almost losing my mind to understand life on earth is only temporary and with this new found revelation all I knew is I needed to start living. Being divorced started my self evaluation process. I needed major work and preparation to prepare me for the next chapter in my life. Thank God I’m healed and I’m happy. I learned how to love myself and now I was ready to open my heart to love again.


Over the last year I’ve opened myself up to dating again.  I’ve gone out more than a few times and I am shocked at what society has made acceptable.  It’s normal because I’m told social media has killed the the old fashion way where dating and courting was the only way to enter into a relationship.  Refusing to relinquish my position as a Queen I quickly became discouraged and dismissed the notion of ever getting married again.  I was curious to hear what others were experiencing so I entered the world of Social Media where I engaged strangers, friends and family with love and relationship talk.  I quickly realized there are still many good men out there looking for good women.  I found new hope.


Many suggested that I get a radio show, a tv show or a blog so here I am wanting to share in a blog the do’s and dont’s of life! By no means am I an expert but through my experience, my trials and errors in my own life and observing many others, I’m sure you will gain value out of my authentic self and share my real life experiences with you.  I will share with you how to maneuver through this life and remain true to self.  There are Kings out there my Queens, we just have to be patient and happy until he comes.  My goal is to influence people to bring back the old way of dating.  First there is friendship, then courting, next the engagement and finally the marriage. I want to help you find your purpose, core values and ultimately who you are first before you find your mate.  Get ready for real topics and real conversation!

Welcome to the Queendom.

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