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Ring for the cookies

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Ring for the cookies

shutterstock_207785776-72DPIAnd just like that, they finally did It! Ciara & Russell Wilson have officially tied the knot. But by it I am not referring to the obvious, marriage. By it, I mean IT! They finally had sex together. In an industry that often glorifies premarital sex in everything from music to film, The Wilsons were able to abstain and remain celibate until marriage. Russell did an interview at The Rock Church early on in their relationship saying, “I asked her, ‘What would you do if we took all that other stuff off the table and did it Jesus’ way, no sex?’ With both previously being in relationships where sex was involved I’m sure this was a hard decision to make and something that took a lot of discipline.

In my opinion, there is something special when a couple decides to honor God first in their relationship by making a commitment to one another to do things the traditional way and waiting to get married before sex. Sex is beautiful. Sex is intimate. It is an experience created by God for marriage as a sign of marital covenant between God, man, and woman becoming one in marriage. Although sex has become more and more of a casual act, it was not intended to be that. So then I ask the question, why is it so common for people to engage in premarital sex? Some women may feel, “If I don’t sleep with him, I’ll lose him.” As women we have to realize that it’s up to women to set their boundaries and determine the pace of any physical relationship. As women we have to believe that If he is not willing to wait, he is not for you and know something greater is coming. Some men may feel they need to know whether or not their partner has “good sex” or “bad sex” before they make the decision to keep the relationship going. While sex is a key component in a relationship it should not be used to quantify a potential mate. Marriage has so many other factors to it that honestly sex should be the icing on the cake. Not engaging in premarital sex allows for a relationship to have a strong foundation because once you mix sex it clouds the mind due to emotions. Not engaging in premarital sex allows for you to truly get to know a person at face value and connect on a deeper level. Doing it this way creates a strong friendship and a strong foundation for a marriage to be built upon.[/vc_column_text]

But if you are practicing celibacy before marriage, I encourage you to stay on your journey
We all know that sex changes EVERYTHING! So if you are one of those that must engage in premarital sex understand that it may complicate things. Don’t get me wrong this is not to say that a marriage will not fail when it’s done this way because that is not the case. Again, there are key factors in keeping a marriage strong. There are some people who engaged in premarital sex that are in happy and healthy marriages. Kudos to them! But if you are practicing celibacy before marriage, I encourage you to stay on your journey and have faith in your decision to remain pure. Blessings to Ciara & Russell Wilson, may God bless their union. We see them frolicking all over social networks smiling from ear to ear insinuating that they are now having sex and from what we can tell it was worth the wait!

To whom it may concern, may you continue on your celibacy before marriage journey and have lots of smiles and frolicking in your near future…xoxo!

~Queen Kiara

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