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Curiosity kills the Cat

Curiosity kills the Cat

If you’ve ever experienced sex you know it’s something that you want more of.  Not only is it a way to connect and feel closer to your mate, it’s the ultimate form of pleasure. We were created as sensual sexual beings so to deny ones self of that pleasure is next to impossible.  The bible says to wait until marriage but If we are honest, most will not wait because of fear that their soulmate wont be able to sexually satisfy them.

Ladies want to know things like the size of his penis

QM-Blog-Pics_woman-w-ruler       Ladies want to know things like the size of his penis, if he is circumcised, and whether or not he is selfish.  And by selfish I mean not only receiving oral sex but giving it as well.  Knowing that a man won’t engage in oral sex as a form of foreplay could be a huge deal breaker.  Whatever it is, she thinks she has to sample the goods before making an eternal vow.

On the other hand, a man, being the physical being needs to know how her anatomy is. He wants to know how her body moves. Being that most men love oral sex he would be curious to know whether or not she is willing to perform fellatio on him. If we are talking until death do them part, he wants to know is she a freak in the bedroom.

Whether Religious or Spiritual it’s a struggle and the dangers of sexual satisfaction are often ignored.  We’ll talk about those dangers in our next blog…

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  • August 10, 2016

    Ha Ha Ha, I hear ya.. Ladies sometimes be so eager to know so much info about the man sexually she doesn’t take the time and entertain his mental capacity, big mistake.. I like your blog I will return 😉

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